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Discover answers to frequently asked questions about our mental health services and therapies.

Insurance Coverage

At this point we do not work with insurance companies and the programme has to be paid privately. We are fully licensed under the Law of Spain and are happy to provide you all necessary paperwork a client might need if your insurance company potentially partly reimburses. If you are a company paying for an employee, the amount can be deductive in the tax declaration.

What is the main language in the centre?

Our treatment is in English. However, the individual one-to-one’s treatment can be in Swedish, Arabic, Albanian and Spanish.

Can someone stay with me?

In general, clients are recommended to stay alone. The client needs to focus on their treatment and not let any dynamic influence. However, we always take every aspect to account before finalising a decision.

 Can family visit during treatment?

Yes. We welcome your family members at the centre, we believe in the healing power of supportive relationships. The visits will be organised in a way that supports the client, and if there is need for family therapy, we will organise that as a part of the treatment plan.

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