We believe in the individual ability to heal from within

InHarmoni Rehab is a luxurious holistic centre that provides a high personalised treatment. We believe in the individual’s power to heal. Our core value is that each individual should be met with the highest respect, compassion, warmth and respect. Our focus is the whole person; body, mind and spirit. We believe that addiction and mental illness has an underlying issue that needs to be identified and treated. We offer a blend of evidence-based and holistic therapies, we design an individual treatment plan due to your needs. Our team is fully qualified, and have a high academic knowledge and experience in the field. Our priority is to be knowledge updated and offer the best holistic and evidence treatment treatment for our clients. 

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We care about you & your integrity

We are experts in the field of mental illnesses; depression, exhaustion, burnouts/ anxiety, trauma and addiction. We treat sex, drug and alcohol addictions. In this field, comorbidity is high. Therefore we believe in the importance of identifying the root cause of a client’s symptoms, so the individual can improve his/her quality of life.

We are an experienced multidisciplinary team, together with the client we create an ongoing treatment plan, based on the clients need. We know that success comes from having the opportunity to choose treatment that works for the individual, therefore we have an experienced and professional team offering diverse and varied treatment approaches so we can help individuals to be motivated and healthy. 

We are an empathetic holistic treatment centre, motivated to help the individual to heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


We are located in the heart of Costa del sol, with beautiful surroundings and a 2500 sqm green garden. The environment is tranquil, harmonic and private and enables the individual to focus on their healing.

We have 10 client rooms.  

Big salt-water pool and a beautiful garden where you can relax in your free time.

Big dining area, inside and outside. All food is cooked in the house.


We have a clinical psychosocial psychological, psychiatric and medical healthcare licence that is given by Junta de Andalucia.

We are in an ongoing process to be ISO 9001 certificated. 

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Handpicked for their wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, we have assembled a highly, sophisticated, trained and experienced team who all contribute to the professional, empathic and warm environment at InHarmoni Rehab.

Everyone plays a vital role, from our social workers/therapists/counsellors, doctor, psychiatrists and clinical support workers, to our housekeeping and administrative personnel.

With a natural empathy at the heart of everything, we offer a personal touch in a safe and caring environment.

Arbresha Sejdiu

Arbresha Sejdiu

CEO and Operational manager


Assia Parish Boukacem


Head of psychosocial team

Anne christine

Ann-Christine Godawszky

Mental health counsellor and coordinator


Maddy Kear

Mental health counsellor


Michelle Wallberg

Assisting Nurse


Mette A. Wikborg

Holistic therapist


Sara Rut

Social media manager

Enhance Your Mental Wellbeing

Treating mental health and addiction. Changing lives. 

Our aim is to free our clients from the constraints of their past trauma so they can heal and be in harmony. Our greatest joy is to see people flourish with new tools to deal with their struggles. Helping clients to heal from within and improve their quality of life is our number one priority.

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